Monday, February 05, 2007

Carnival Triple Play, New Accounting Links and Other Notes

[1] For the first (and probably last) time ever, I am in three carnivals today: the "Tax Fraudster" article is in the Carnival of Fraud Carnival of Fraud; the "FDIC" article is in the Carnival of Personal Finance">Carnival of Personal Finance and the "Gypsies" article is in the Carnival of Taxes (link above)

[2] I have a new set of accounting blog links, many of much deal with accounting fraud and corporate governance.

[3] Before Robert Flach put Wandering Tax Pro on a 2.5 month tax season hiatus, he did his own remaking of the Twelve Days of Christmas about the joys of client help (my wife and I refer to this type of aid as "puppy assistance").

[4] It appears that Michelle Leder may be taking at least of the Found in the Footnotes material to a pay site. While sad, I can understand that bills have to be paid somehow.


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