Tuesday, February 06, 2007

US News Shows Love to Personal Finance Bloggers

(Post #600) Emily Brandon of US News talks about the development of personal finance blogs as way to learn better money management, as an opportunity to receive perks and ad dollars in some cases. Ms. Brandon points out that while daily blogging is best, regular blogging as long as it is weekly or at least every ten days still will keep much of your readership. Passion is important to make the blog believable and fresh, says Jeff Hanson of the Your Way Ahead blog. At the same time, many bloggers fear putting personal information, even including their name, in part because of concerns about work consequences. Ms. Brandon finishes by listing ten of her favorite sites, including the Money Blog Network.

Congratulations to the Money Blog Network and members All Financial Matters, Consumerism Commentary and Free Money Finance, along with the other blogs named.


Blogger William said...


I'd like to let you know about a project that might interest you I started on one of my blogs, Financial-education.com. I'm putting together a library of public domain financial texts. So far I've just got one, at the link below. If you know of others or would like to publicize this project it would be appreciated. http://financial-education.com/2007/02/25/community-project-public-domain-financial-library/

Bill Trent

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