Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Backtracking with BSG CPA Trendlines: A Substitute Member ot the 2005 Twelve Blogs of Christmas

Over the weekend, I decided that since Vanilla Accounting was dormant and presumed dead I would replace it with another accounting blog which was in existence by the end of 2005. Two blogs were considered (the other will be in the 2006 Twelve Blogs of Christmas) and the choice was BSG CPA Trendlines. Rick Telberg posts regularly and provides high quality insight into the effective management of an accounting practice. His article, "Blog, blog, blog" was included in the AICPA website "CPA2BIZ." A recent example of Trendlines is linked in the title above.


Blogger rt said...

Thanks! To you and all your readers: We'll be updating that "Blog, Blog, Blog" report in the coming weeks, so keep us posted on the new and interesting.
[CPA TRENDLINES] at www.telberg.com

10:34 AM  

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