Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Revisiting the 2005 Twelve Blogs of Christmas: Beyond the "Piano Keys"

Five blogs in the 2005 Twelve Blogs group came after the letter F, most were tax blogs. Villanova law professor James Maule probably averaged the most extensive posts in Mauled Again. The professor might be slightly on the conservative side, a la George Will, but he was equally adept at skewering Bush administration proposals and critics of those proposals depending on the content. A sample post is

Joe Kristan of Roth CPA Updates is not only a very talented observer of events in the taxation field, but he has been personally helpful, both in linking to this blog and periodically providing helpful hints. Joe also has a second blog, Joe Says So, which gives him a forum for family and political topics. A sample of the CPA Updates blog is

Paul Caron's Tax Prof has become a linking post to well done tax posts. A University of Cincinnati law professor, Paul emphasizes legal tax blogs but does note tax blogs of non-lawyers as well. A sample post from Tax Prof is:

Russ Fox at Taxable Talk is an expert on California tax law and tax protestors, among other tax topics. He also is the envy of many bloggers in that he is a successful poker player and author and has blogged on several occasions on the tax aspects of gambling. A sample of Russ's work would be

Sadly, Vanilla Accounting has not published since April. Hopefully, Will Keller is doing okay and will eventually return to blogging.

Next week, the four Accounting blogs for the 2006 edition of the Twelve Blogs of Christmas will be chosen. Nominees are: Benefits Blog, Big4Guy, BSG CPA Trendlines, Corporate Governance, Fraud Files, Neil Mc Intyre and Tech Gap.


Blogger said...

Hey Dan - thanks for nominating me! I posted today about your Twelve Blogs of Christmas! See it here...

5:00 PM  
Blogger Dave Rachford - CPA Marketer said...

Thanks for linking to my blog, I updated my blogroll to show yours too!

If possible, please update the link text to:

CPA Blog | Marketing for Accountants

Thanks again!
Dave Rachford

7:50 PM  
Blogger Dennis Howlett said...

Do you guys ever look across The Pond to see what's going on? There are some truly amazing tax blogs like Richard Murphy's Taxresearch or Andrew Goodall's Taxation blogs.

If you folk are casting your net a wee bit wider the Philip Woodgate and Stuart Jones both address community issues. Then we have Mark Lee on business management, a bit like David Maister, only from a British angle and covering a few wider issues.

And if you want to know about innovation then that's where I fit in.

Just so's you know.

BTW - congratulations to Neil on passing his finals.

11:50 PM  
Blogger James Edward Maule said...


Thanks for the good word about MauledAgain. I hadn't noticed the 2005 posting. I've got TickMarks listed as a Tax Blog on mauledagain.


9:16 AM  

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