Monday, November 27, 2006

Revisiting the 2005 Twelve Blogs of Christmas: A-C

As a prequel to December's Twelve Blogs of Christmas, here is the start of a review of last year's cited blogs--at least 10 of which would be seriously considered this year except that my guidelines are to include different blogs each year and therefore in effect begin an accounting, personal finance and tax blog Hall of Fame. Alphabetically first is the Accounting Observer blog, which continues to be a very impressive blog about financial accounting and corporate governance. Jack Ciesielski is one of the more prolific bloggers in the accounting community--one of his best recent posts is Flexo and Consumerism Commentary was recently reviewed in either Kiplinger's or Money; additionally, Flexo has played an important role in increasing the visibility of personal finance blogs with initiating the Carnival of Personal Finance and as a founding member of the Money Blog Network. Try to get a sample of the blog. Brian Tankersley continued his CPA Firm Technology Blog and was more consistent in his posting this year. A recent example from his blog was


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