Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dairy Queen Coupons and False Frugality

I noticed a set of Dairy Queen coupons in a newspaper pile today; the deals looked good, the treats and meats looked REALLY good and I'm sure that they would have tasted good. Unfortunately, as a somewhat obese virtually 50-year-old; the saturated fat and sugar content of the food advertised probably is the last thing I need (though far from the last thing I want).

The coupons got me thinking about how easy it is to buy things that we do not need because they are attractive or they make us comfortable or they appeal to our vanity. I read a sign in a gift shop once (legitimate question--why was I in a gift shop?) saying that to sell something to woman, make it sound like a bargain and to sell something to a man, make it sound like it will reduce his taxes. I'm not sure that gender specification is needful here, but the underlying concept is true; much of money management deals with distinguishing between needs and wants and using self-control (oh, how I hate to have to use self-control) in regard to the wants--even if the wants are on "special".


Blogger Mom2fur said...

I love using coupons, and I really don't buy things I wouldn't use (duh). 90% of stuff I buy with coupons is stuff I would buy anyway. The rest is to try new stuff--how would you know if you don't try? I'm also 50--but not virtually so. I really am 50. (If you are virtually 50--does that make you 49?) I also avoid saturated fat just as a matter of course. If they want to sell something to me because I think it's a bargain...it better be something I need and at least a 30% savings, LOL! (The trick is to combine coupons with sales.) Oh...speaking of ice cream. We don't have Dairy Queen here. But in the grocery, try those 'double churned' ice creams several companies are making now. I hate, hate, hate lowfat stuff (that's why I mix my mayo) but I'm telling you, this stuff is goooood.

3:55 PM  
Blogger Dan Meyer said...

Thanks for your comments. As of today, I truly am 50.

10:30 AM  

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