Thursday, March 23, 2006

Update on Links

I did my periodic revision of blog links--with special emphasis on getting link to some of carnivals most likely to be of interest to readers of this blog. Welcome All Things Financial, Benefits Blog (which should have been linked earlier), Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, Five Cent Nickel, Fred Mischler, Intaxicated and Mighty Bargain Hunter and Retire at 30. Mighty Bargain Hunter hosts the Carnival of Debt Reduction and Retire at 30 hosts the Carnival of Investing; I had hoped to include these in the links section but had some problems--for now, just go to the web site and a link within the website will get you to the home page for these carnivals. Also, welcome back to PF Blog, which actually is kind of an anthology of personal finance blogs. I have taken Provident 360 off for lack of recent posting, but hope that he returns and will be glad to return Provident 360 to my links if he does--the blogging community is in serious need of quality auditing blogging.


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