Wednesday, March 22, 2006

How Do I Loathe Paying Taxes? Let Me Count the Ways!

37% of Americans feel frustrated by doing their tax returns, according to a Harris Poll. The most common frustration named was actually paying money to the government, with time spent finding receipts, time spent preparing return or amount paid to preparer also being significant sources of frustration. Some accountants surveyed stated that they were working until 10 pm with few if any days off. A number of firms have started providing activities to dilute the tension; examples included ordering dinners or pizza, Saturday morning buffets or table soccer tourneys. The article also reminds taxpayers to take advantage of applicable IRS resources, including VITA for low-income taxpayers and TCE for the elderly and to celebrate completion of the return with a special activity.

Personally, I am amazed that the frustration level was as LOW as 37%. My sympathies to the families of those working the hours mentioned in this article.


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