Monday, September 05, 2005

Best of Blogs--August 28-September 4

Almost certainly the last "Best of Blogs" for quite a while. Nevertheless, keep linking to the blogs at right; they offer good insights into accounting, personal finance and taxation.

AAO: Points out that more disclosure is needed regarding discount rates for pension plans. [2]

Footnoted: Summarizes some of the corporate donations for Hurricane Katrina relief. [1]

Consumerism: Offers insight as to whether gas stations are involved in price gouging. [1]

Financial Rounds: "Hedonomics" and expecting happy economic endings. [31]

Death and Taxes: A primer on mortgage fraud. [2]

Mauled Again: The fu[el]tility of price regulation. [29]

Taxing Times: The cost of "holidays" for gasoline taxes. [31]

Roth CPA: A review of IRS provisions for filing relief for victims of Hurricane Katrina. [4]

Tax Prof: Announcement of new IRS Revenue Agent positions. [5]


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