Saturday, August 13, 2005

Best of blogs--August 11-13

49th birthday edition of BoB:

AAO: Explanation of why Krispy Kreme was better for consuming than for investing in. [11]

CPA Tech: More praise for Intuit financial products; this time, Quick Books. [11]

FreeMoneyFinance: A good series on money and marriage (or other cohabitating relationships). [11-13]

Roth CPA: Quotes Benefits Blog on acronym soup in the pension area. [11]

Tax Prof: Larken Rose convicted of tax obstruction/evasion (also mentioned by Tax Guru). [13]

Taxable Tax: Russ Fox points out numerous tax fallacies related to online poker (also mentioned by Roth CPA) (question: does former Nashville accountant Chris Moneymaker comply with all these laws?). [11]

Wills, Trusts, etc.: Creative (unethical?) financial approach to nursing home (wife effectively disowns husband) surprisingly upheld in U. S. District and Appealate Courts. [12]


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