Saturday, August 06, 2005

Best of blogs--August 3-6

Tax blogs take most of the entries this time:

CPA Tech: Microsoft has developed software to redact (purge) confidential information before releasing sensitive material to the public. [6]

Footnoted: Smithfield Foods has pork in the boardroom as well as the grocery. [4]

Financial Rounds: Links to "The Program" on valuable tips for better academic presentations. [3]

Death and Taxes: The dangers of being a trustee--and why having the lawyer writing the trust as the trustee may create conflict of interest. [5]

Mauled Again: Proverbially shakes his head in wonderment at the prospect of Mike Tyson becoming a porn actor to pay off back taxes. [4]

Roth CPA: The collapse of a 95-year old deck during a graduation party does not produce a casualty loss because it was progressive deterioration rather than a sudden event which ultimately caused the fall. [5]

Tax Guru: A celebration of a SIX-month automatic extension (Form 4868) starting next year. [4]

Tax Prof: Provides excerpt of President Bush claiming that his tax cut helped increase tax revenues and urging Congress to provide tax simplification. [5]


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