Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Best of blogs: August 7-10

Note: For some reason, Tax Mama's weekly issue has a lag of several days.

AAO: Jack Ciesiekski think that small public companies "protesth too much" on SOX compliance. [9]

Footnoted: A report by Krispy Kreme shows that "Greed" makes for a better game show title than it makes for a technique for running a public company. [10]

Finance Professor: A well-written piece on Islamic mortgages and historic Islamic (and Christian) thinking on the morality of interest. [10]

Financial Rounds: Cites a Forbes article asserting that call options aren't as good as they sound. [7]

Free Money Finance: Celebrates 30,000 views by running a contest with beach towels as prizes. [9]

Roth CPA: Mentions a client lawsuit against KPMG for S Corporation Charitable Contribution Strategy (SC2) tax shelters (also mentioned by Tax Analysts and Tax Prof). [8]

Tax Mama: Applauds the incoming version of Quicken. [5]

Tax Prof: Reviews the IRS 2005-2006 Priority Guidance Plan. [8]


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