Sunday, July 17, 2005

Best of Blogs: July 14-16

Key development during the period: A welcome return to blogging by Real Life Accounting.

Footnoted found that Leucadia's top two executives received TEN-year contracts. [15]

Real Life Accounting covered the recording of credit card use for business purposes. [16]

Financial Rounds had a very good article on new identity theft techniques, including pharming, keystroke catching and gas station "siphoning" (my term). The poster also listed self-protecting techniques. [14]

Free Money Finance encouraged readers to use cash and ask for discounts from list price, especially on big-ticket items. [15]

PF Blog covered ways to avoid common mistakes of judgment. [15]

Mauled Again reviewed an IRS publication (publicly available but with paperwork required) on 75 years of IRS Criminal Investigation History and found it a worthy read. [15]

Tax and Business Law Commentary ripped a Ninth Circuit reversal of the Tax Court on Harrison and Sons vs. Commissioner.

Tax Guru pondered why the extension of 1041s and 1065s were July 15, 1040s will be August 15 and 1120Ss will be September 15 (arguably, equally amazing is that none of those dates fall on Saturday or Sunday). [15]

Tax Prof reviewed a report from the Americans for Prosperity Foundation grading state governments on fiscal and tax restraint. [15]


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