Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Best of blogs, July 11-13

A slow period for many bloggers, and then some tax bloggers ventured into politics. Dan Shaviro of Start Making Sense fired some portside broadsides at Bush, Rove, etc. over l'affaire Plame (sorry, I've been watching the Tour de France) while righty Kerry Kersttetler has been ripping the estate tax and big government in general at Tax Guru. Other bloggers have been less normative however--

Footnoted pointed out that Paradyne executives made out much better than other employees when Paradyne was acquired by Zhone. [12]

Finance Prof covered ground this blog covered two weeks and took a critical look at interest-only loans. [12]

Financial Rounds "commemorated" the return of Nigerian e-mail scams. [12]

Death and Taxes considered the issue of when friendship might become undue influence in a will. [13]

Mauled Again mused over the IRS award of a data entry contract to Choicepoint, a business which had already had problems with data security. [11]

TaxProf wondered why a Florida theme park with a $30 entrance fee qualified for a religious exemption from property tax. [13]

Taxable Talk celebrated the elimination of a Tax Court secrecy rule for certain decisions. [12]

Wills, Trusts, etc. pointed out that a CBO study found that the number of farmers subject to estate tax went down 82%. [11]


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