Monday, July 11, 2005

The IRS Taxpayer Advocate Speaks Out

Nina Olson calls on the IRS to focus as much on taxpayer service as tax compliance in a recent report to Congress. Ms. Olson's goals for the upcoming year are: [1] Private Debt Collection, [2] Collection Due Process,
[3] Offers in Compromise and [4]Research on Taxpayer Service. She also focused on three provisions from the IRS Restructing and Reform Act of 1998: [1] taxpayer service should be taxpayer-centered, [2] IRS employees should be measured on a balanced scorecard rather than collection results, [3] IRS should balance tax compliance goals with respecting taxpayer rights and providing quality tax service.

Bravo, Ms. Olson! Oh, that all civil servants (including legislators) were as diligent in carrying out their duties and respecting taxpayer desires as you are!

Update: In her July 8 issue, Eva Rosenburg (Tax Mama, issue 316, see link at right) wants to make sure that enforcement remains an IRS priority.


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