Monday, June 27, 2005

Tippy Canoeing

A friend from Junior High (Klondike, Tippecanoe County, IN), Howard White, invited me for a canoe trip on the Red River Saturday. My wife was studying for the Tennessee Bar Exam so I went. On the overall, we (especially Howard) had a good run, but we did get too close to the bank a couple of times in stretches of light rapids. The first time I tried to duck a branch and tipped us in ; thankfully the water was shallow and we were able to walk back to the bank. The second time I was able to stay, albeit it with a very minor and quickly passing shoulder strain (I'm not a youngun anymore). The river was not picture-postcard beautiful, but quite pleasant and Howard and I got to engage in some nostalgia.

No significant injuries (a knee scrape and a hip bruise), pleasant scenery and about the only way you could spend time outdoors in Northern Tennessee this past weekend without frying. God is good!


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