Thursday, June 23, 2005

Procedural update

As an attempt to improve the "look" of the blog, I am now putting links with the title. When the post has only one link (most posts), the link can be made by pressing the title of the post. In those situations where there are more than one link in a post: [1] if plural links from one source--the URL for the website will be given, but not necessarily the link to the article; [2] if one link URL is significant longer than another or any others, it will be included in the title where the other[s] will be in the body of the story, (3) long URLs not in the title may be shortened to the website or at least sectional URL, [4] in any remaining scenario, the "most important" or "most salient" URL will be included in the title. Examples of this new format can be found in the "Local Tax Seminar" and "Full Funding for IRS..." posts below.


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