Saturday, June 25, 2005

Best of blogs--June 18-24

FinanceProfessor cites a study indicating that the market may be more effective at punishing white collar crime than regulators are (June 22).

Footnoted applauded Pfizer's decision to ask directors who received a majority of "votes withheld" to submit resignations (24).

PFBlog announces the second Carnival of Personal Finance (24).

Roth CPA Updates tweaks the State of Illinois for its website listing beneficiaries of corporate tax breaks and shelters (20).

Tax Guru does a nice job explaining how a married couple can gift real property to a daughter and son-in-law (21) .

Tax Mama worries that the KPMG fiasco hurts the chances of future tax cuts. (18)

Tax Prof points out that true tax fanatics can now wear Treasury Circular 230 t-shirts and tops (Aaugh--an Art Spigel uniform (GSN Extreme Dodgeball) would be an improvement over T230 wear).


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