Saturday, June 11, 2005

Review of links--June 3-10

Some of the items found on the blogs linked at right during the past week:

Chicago Boyz looked at the European Union compared to other alternatives and decided, from a libertarian perspective, that the EU was a third-best option.

FinanceProfessorBlog looked at research done (by Steven Levitt of "Freakonomics" fame) on tamarians pulling slots to get rewards and found that investing truly could be "monkey business"--and he didn't even mention Michael Naismith's success as a entertainment capitalist in LA.

As a result of a proxy fight, Footnoted discovered that Topps Baseball Cards was a grand slam for CEO Arthur Shorin with bonuses of about $500K per year.

PFBlog mourns the increasing scarcity of great credit card rebate programs.

Roth CPA applauds a Judge Barbara Crabb for including hyperlinks in an opinion denying relief to a tax protestor.

Kerry Kerstetter (Tax Guru) evaluates Section 179 incentives for buying an SUV for business use.

TaxProf cites Michael Barrett of Notre Dame for making a theological case for progressive taxation of dioceses.


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