Thursday, June 02, 2005

Review of links--May 30--June 2

A quick review of some of the Tick Marks linked sites includes the following stories from this week:

Financial Accounting Blog--PCAOB Issues first sanctions against a CPA firm.

Finance Professor Blog--An evaluation of the recent Supreme Court decision absolving Arthur Andersen and Company from criminal liability in the Enron case.

Footnoted--Goody's chairman gets nearly $500K in private jet goodies.

PF Blog--Free annual credit report information may be obtained by Southerners starting June 1.

Roth CPA Updates--Tax Analysts writer rightly fisks (criticises) a national retail sales tax

Tax Guru (worth visiting for the comics alone)--Online Journal of Accountancy has a good article on new accounting blogs [self-serving note: Tick Marks is too new for inclusion].

Tax Prof--More states are levying taxes on cosmetic surgery (the Botax?)


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