Saturday, June 18, 2005

Best of the Blogs--June 11-17

In what may become a Saturday tradition, and even at some point a Carnival of the Bean Counters, a look at what the bloggers on the link list at right wrote about this past week.

The Chicago Boyz criticized a group of eight former US ambassadors for a petition that Congress not withhold part of UN dues in view of some of the recent scandals (oil-for-food, Congo refugees, etc.) made an uneasy case for hedge fund regulation.

Footnoted cited Todd Martin, the new head of Hewlett-Packard's personal computing unit and his strange severance package with prior employer Palm One.

Roth CPA Updates had lots of good blogs this week. One was a story about a Charles Brown who found that poor substantion of transportation and home office expenses leads to deduction disallowances which were not Peanuts (pun intended and puns also are part of the Roth write-up).

Tax Guru compared LLC, S Corporation and C Corporation benefits and problems for a North Carolinan who is about to start a landscaping business. Kerry also is a vocal opponent of the estate tax.

Tax Mama applauds the start of hearings by the House Ways and Means Committee on major tax reform and hopes that this leads to tax simplification.

For Father's Day weekend, Tax Prof profiles a father and son who are each tax professors.

Ominously, neither Financial Accounting Blog nor Real Life Accounting have published in June yet. Hopefully, each blogger is just taking a summer siesta.


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