Monday, October 05, 2009


[Post #1000] Kay Bell's Carnival of Taxes (58th edition called Taxoberfest 2009) included my article "QTIPs Remove Golddiggers from Your Heirs" from last week. I am also flattered that Ms. Bell suggested me as a possible candidate for a "National Tax Bee" in a post last Friday--though the other bloggers mentioned would be formiddable competition indeed! Additional names which could have been mentioned (still not an exhaustive list): Richard Close (IRS Hit-Man); Russ Fox (Taxable Talk); Gina Gwozdz (Gina's Tax Tips) and Kerry Kerstetter (Tax Guru).

Meanwhile, it looks like ready or not Max Baucus, Harry Reid and company are going to insist that the presently proposed health care legislation is worthy of passage and our tax dollars. As the saying goes, elections have consequences.


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