Monday, September 14, 2009

Smartpros: Start Your Accounting Career with a BANG!

The smartly titled title (effectively: don't just swim; swim like a star) gives entry-level accountants just emerging from college a number of useful ideas to move forward in their new career. These suggestions include: understand how an audit procedure fits with the overall audit; ask thoughtful questions to your supervisor (or senior if in a CPA firm); keep abreast of new developments in accounting and tax as well as in the specific industry of a given client (hint: blogs and news sites can help with this--as can the Journal of Accountancy, Strategic Management and similar journals); keep up with salient tech developments; manage time with care; know your client's needs and interact appropriately with client personnel; find a helpful mentor and pursue completion of the CPA or similar professional licensure.

Catherine Sadaat's advice is rock solid (though I acknowledge that I did not do this as well as I should have as a new accountant) and worth consideration by upperclass accounting and finance majors as well as new professional accountants.


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