Saturday, September 05, 2009

Milestones Ahead--and a Little Sports Commentary

I have two milestones to look forward in the next month or so; my 1000th post and the 60,000th view of Tick Marks. Thanks again to all those who read this blog.

A few sports comments: Most of the baseball races appear to be decided: the Yankees, Tigers and Angels appear ready to win their American League divisions while the Phillies, Cardinals and Dodgers appear to have their divisions under control. I guess that the White Sox COULD overtake the Tigers, but unlikely. The wild card races are more interesting: Boston has a small lead over the Rangers (Toronto is still a long shot) in the AL while the NL features a divisional slugfest between Colorado and San Fran with Atlanta and Florida still somewhat in the picture. Regarding college football teams which I have an affliation with: Austin Peay and Purdue hope for 0.500 seasons, Missouri is probably good for a minor to midcaliber bowl and Ole Miss fans hope to make a BCS bowl. I have few predictions on the NFL: the local team (Tennessee Titans) have good chances on making the playoffs but probably had a better chance of going to the Super Bowl last year when Albert Haynesworth was a dominant defensive lineman (he moved to Washington over the winter).


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