Thursday, September 20, 2012

California Dreaming No Longer: Governor Signs CPA Mobility Law

  • Jerry Brown Assures CPA Mobility in Golden State

  • [Post #1200]  California Governor Jerry Brown today signed into law a provision allowing CPA mobility making the Golden State the penultimate state (and last on the North American mainland; only Hawaii remains as a holdout) to provide this flexibility to accountants.  As is true with the mobility laws in other states, CPAs from other states remain subject to the California Board of Accountancy while practicing in California.  Johanna Salt, chair of the California Society of CPAs, praised the legislation as protecting California CPAs from retribution by other states.

    I guess better late than never is the operative phrase here; though California CPAs may look enviously at outside CPAs who do not have to pay some California fees.  There are enough large CPA firms in California to keep this new from seriously damaging California CPAs.


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