Thursday, June 21, 2012

Northeastern CPA Firm Develops Special Practice for non-Heterosexuals

  • Marcum CPA Firm Announces Gay/Lesbian Division

  • CPA firm Marcum LLP, primarily located in the Northeast, has established a division to help gay, lesbian and related clients deal with tax law and financial issues.  The practice includes assistance with tax planning, medical reimbursement, investment monitoring and valuation services.  The goal is to help the LBGT community navigate a maze of federal, state and local statutes plus court decisons.

    Regardless of your opinion of LBGT issues--and I am guessing that tax/accounting blog readers range from gay right advocates to strong supporters of "Defense of Marriage" acts, Marcum has acted shrewdly in establishing this niche market.  Public opinion on homosexuality has changed dramatically during my lifetime and legislative bodies are going to have to address tax and related issues from this perspective in the not-distant future.


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