Sunday, April 24, 2011

"And Now It All Begins"

Back in the 1970s, Alex Haley and Roots made mini-serieses a big deal, so I perked up my ears when NBC ran Franco Zefferelli's (probably misspelled) "Jesus of Nazareth." Many dramatic presentations of Jesus's life in that era stopped at the cruxifiction; thus I was presently surprised when the mini-series kept going to the resurrection and subsequent weeks after. Near the end of the final episode, a sentry told a member of the Jewish Sandhedron (spelling again?) that Jesus's body was not in the grave and the leaders sighed and said, " and now it all begins." He was right--but with cause for hope and not despair--in an extremely cynical world, one easily could lose all hope and all hope for justice, but belief in that tomb being empty CAN provide hope that evil and cruelty will not always carry the day.


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