Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mid-March Notes

[1] My "Tax Tips for Twentysomethings" post was included in Kay Bell's 67th Carnival of Taxes (Pot of Tax Gold) yesterday. The cite at "Don't Mess with Taxes" is linked through the title of this post.

[2] Co-researcher Lesley Davidson is presenting a paper on CPA mobility and the 150 hour rule for sitting for the CPA exam this Thursday in Williamsburg, VA this Thursday. I look forward to hearing from Lesley next week; we intend to add specific ethics CPE to the project and then I will make a presentation at Destin, FL next month.

[3] Ahh, yes, March [hoops] madness. Present employer Austin Peay got their women's team in (and probably right back out, they play Pam Summitt and UT in Round 1). As for guys, Purdue will have no problem playing the disrespect card for as far as they can make it in the NCAAs, Missouri faces a "mirror image" team in Clemson and Ole Miss takes to the NIT. I will need to make out some brackets soon--haven't yet decided who I expect to win.


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