Friday, February 27, 2009

IDEA Audit Software: New Version Well-Suited to the Visual Learner

Caseware, producer of IDEA Audit Software, says that their new product includes a visual flowchart of the entire audit. This includes a record of any databases created, deleted or modified plus a record of workflow. Some users may also like other features such as visual script, customize functions, drop and drag document importation, alternating row colors and ability to sort names by ascending, descending and original order.

I have not used audit software, but the IDEA product sounds like it could be a valuable tool for a CPA firm. It will be interesting to see if Caseware brings forth an abridged student edition to use in case-oriented Auditing courses.


Blogger charliewalker said...

You may also like to check out TopCAATs, an add in for Excel that covers many of the features of IDEA.

Being based in Excel it's far easier to learn and use than IDEA, and costs a fraction of the price! You can download a fully funtional trial version from their website,

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Blogger charliewalker said...

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