Monday, February 02, 2009

Oops, I Did It Again (Britney reference nonwithstanding, post is worksafe)

Selections for the U. S. Cabinet have another round of awkward moments with taxes as Health and Human Services appointee Thomas Daschle disclosed back taxes exceeding $100,000 because of car services received without inclusion in gross income and poorly documented charitable donations. Daschle apologized for errors on prior tax returns.

I am somewhat more willing to let the Daschle errors slide (vs. say Geithner or Charles Rangel for that matter) since he will not be going into a position involving major tax policy decisions. Additionally, his understanding of the U. S. Government is matched by very few. Nevertheless, the Daschle acknowledgement AT MINIMUM indicates two problems: [1] the Internal Revenue is once again proven to be way too confusing, [2]the Obama vetting team needs to be doing a more complete job.


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