Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ending Year 3

About three years ago, "Tick Marks" got off the ground (the May 2005 archives indicate a somewhat rough takeoff). Thanks for those who read and those who link; your support is greatly appreciated. Congratulations and thanks to the many (though not enough) good blogs of the present. I miss a number of good blogs which have gone dormant and look forward to blogs of the future. June will be somewhat slow (probably one or two posts per week) because of an intense summer school schedule; hopefully I will be able to pick up the pace between Independence Day and my 52th birthday in mid-August before the fall semester rears its head.

A final note: while I need to update my blogroll, note the blogroll of Rick Telberg and "CPA Trendlines" through the link in the title. While Michelle Golden still sets the blogroll standard, Mr. Telberg is to be commended.


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