Monday, April 07, 2008

Taxes Drive People BEYOND Drink

  • Tax Preparer Stopped from Conquering Killing Fields

  • Pit Bull vs. IRS

  • Apparently another grueling tax season has claimed the sanity of two Californians. Lisa Blechman recently apologized to IRS Agent Ruth Seidman for siccing two dogs, one a pit bull, on Seidman as she posted a summons notifying Blechman's husband that his business would be audited. Blechman was subject to two years probation. Meanwhile, Yasith Chhun of Long Beach was arrested on a variety of charges for plotting to overthrow Hun Sen, present Cambodian prime minister and one-time officer under Pol Pot. Chhun, a tax preparer (but not a CPA), believed that he would be interim president after the intended revolution and expected the U.S. government to support his efforts as a way of ending human rights abuses. Chunn's trial recently began in Los Angeles.

    While understanding that a long season of tax preparation COULD push someone over the edge, the fact that April 15 is less than 10 days away should take at least some stress off. Would have been interesting in the dog vs. IRS employee scenario to see which was the more tenacious.


    Blogger bVisual said...

    Amazing...the effect money has...

    "When you can't be there, bVisual"

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