Monday, March 10, 2008

More Monday Mementos

(1) The 32nd Carnival of Taxes is in Don't Mess with Taxes (link above) and my 401[k] post from last week is included.

(2) College basketball is looking promising for March Madness--my present school (Austin Peay) won its conference tourney (OVC) and qualified for the NCAA tournament. Purdue, which I grew up near and picked up a master's degree from, finished second in the Big Ten and is sure to get an at-large bid. My undergraduate school, Ole Miss, is virtually assured of an NIT bid and might upgrade to the "Big Dance" with a good SEC tourney--a quarterfinal win over Kentucky puts them in the conversation and an appearance in the championship game would almost surely put them in. Only Missouri, my doctoral school, is in trouble--the Tigers need at least a first-round win over Nebraska (my wife's favorite) to even get to the new CIT.

(3) Our fourteen-year-old English Springer Spaniel, Treasure, has shown surprising fortitude in 2008. Though he is deaf, almost blind and has a weak back leg, he still can go for short strolls and enjoy the yard. His time is certainly short, but already has exceeded my expectations yet again.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Treasure's walking became somewhat weaker yesterday--but the big story this past week which I inexcusably overlooked was a 6" snow (a BIG deal in TN)Friday night and Saturday morn. The snow crews pleasantly surprised me; nice job, fellows.


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