Monday, March 10, 2008

McCain: Extend the 2001/2003 Tax Cuts and Retrain the Unemployed

Republican presidential nominee-in-waiting John Mc Cain called corporate tax cuts, an end to the alternative minimum tax and extension of the "Bush" tax cuts beyond the present 2010 sunset. McCain also said that expanded job training programs were needed, particularly in the hard-hit industrial Midwest, to keep the present credit crunch and job cuts from becoming a recession. McCain acknowledged that his strengths lie in military and foreign affairs, but claimed some competence in economic issues.

I can easily agree with McCain on the end of the AMT and extension of the "Bush" tax cuts beyond 2010; the corporate tax cutting is less clear; the question becomes whether these tax benefits will trickle into job recovery quickly enough. Obviously I am biased regarding education for displaced employees, but a key becomes HOW the aid is set up and used.


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