Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Inside Internal Audit at Deloitte

The officers at Austin Peay's IMA Chapter (Heather Stanley, Michelle Permenter, Ashley Sheffield and Amanda Ohlman) have consistently done a good job of lining up guest speakers for this academic year. Yesterday, David Shipley and Jamie Spears (no, not Britney's sister) came to speak on Deloitte's internal audit area. In this case, they work on auditing the procedures of Deloitte as opposed to providing consulting advice to outside businesses (which under SOX generally could not be Deloitte audit clients). The speakers talked about what internal audit entailed and some characteristics which would improve the likelihood of success. Many of the 15 or students in attendance had questions after the presentation. An indication of the shortages in CPA firms; Deloitte's internal audit department, which apparently at one time only accepted manager level personnel, is now accepting entry-level personnel.

Thanks to Deloitte and Mr. Shipley and Spears for appearing yesterday. Internal audit is a career worth considering for a graduating accounting major.


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