Saturday, October 20, 2007

California's Most Wanted--for Taxes

  • Mary Barber Tax Evasion Conviction

  • 10/22 Update--Taxable Talk Detailed Post (Thanks, Russ)

  • (Tabloid journalism or substantive tax news--what do you think?)

    Present or past entertainers O. J. Simpson, Sinbad (Adkins) and Dionne Warwick are part of California's Delinquent Taxpayers List. Each owes over $1,000,000 in income taxes and each have had tax liens initiated prior to 2000. The California Tax Board publishes the list, which includes the top 250 "deadbeat" taxpayers with liabilities exceeding $100,000.

    Presumably, Simpson's tax bill does not include anything from the disputed judgment ordering him to pay tens of millions to the Goldman family. Meanwhile, Russ Fox of Taxable Tax is likely to have more on this story.

    Update: Russ has posted a fraud story from my present hometown where former bookkeeper Mary Barber is headed for 30 months of Federal prison time for bank fraud and tax evasion.


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