Monday, October 08, 2007

A War Surtax? Not Yet, but Maybe Later

Democratic Congressmen David Obey (WI), John Murtha (PA) and James Mc Govern (MA) have proposed a war surtax of about 2-12 percent to offset the cost of supporting the U. S. war effort in Iraq. The Congressmen criticized the $200 million proposed war supplement bill and the President's unwillingness to increase spending on health, education, science and law enforcement. However, both Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) and Minority Leader Roy Blunt (MO) have indicated that the bill has no chance at present.

Although the bill is unlikely to succeed in 2007, it sets up for a return next year as a potentially effective election-year campaign tactic. The Democrats are feeling frisky on the child health veto and a "war tax" bill next year could put Bush in an awkward position of either supporting "his" Iraq war or breaking his "no tax increase" pledge.


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