Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Mid-Year Survey of Tech Issues

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)and Financial Executives International (FEI) conducted their ninth annual survey of technology issues. Data quality/information integrity leads the list with 58% very concerned while recent first choice data security fell back slightly at 46% very concerned. Profitability analysis, performance management and planning/forecasting are additional areas that survey respondents mentioned as areas needing improvement. Although a small increase in IT spending was projected for the year ahead, slightly more than half the respondents felt that financial pressures, such as meeting earnings targets, was constraining their ability to accomplish important IT improvements.

No major surprises in topics listed as important and the respondent's comments about spending constraints simply points out the age-old economic question--in times of scarcity; where is the biggest bang for the buck? IT has a good case, but I am sure that other business functions can also make legitimate cases for discretionary spending.


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