Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tour de Carnival--March 6

Noted on Versus the other day that the bicycle racers are starting a new season. With the best known (if somewhat shrouded by scandal last year) of these races being the Tour de France, let's take a different and less physically taxing tour--this one of some of the best accounting-related carnivals.

On Monday, Gina's Tax Page hosted the Carnival of Taxes in lieu of regular host Don't Mess with Taxes. Among the contributions: Blueprint for Financial Prosperity's "Where to Get Missing W-4 and 1099 Forms" and Free Money Finance's "Are Cash Rebates Taxable?"

Poor Tracy Coenen at Fraud Files had limited submissions for the Carnival of Fraud this week. One submission worth reading was "Codes of Unethics" by SOX First.

The aptly-named Mapgirl's Fiscal Challenge hosts the Carnival of Personal Finance. Among the entries (or perhaps entrees): "136 Tips for Saving Money at College" by Your Credit Advisor and "Different Forms of Taxes" by MoneyWalks.

Moving to a new home is the Carnival of Capitalists, now at Bizosphere. Insureblog reminds us of the importance of "Profit Motive" while All About the Money featured "Guerilla Recruiter."

We wrap the tour up with today's Festival of Frugality at Getting Green. The RE Forum includes PMI explained and Tight Fisted Miser (and, believe me, he means it) posts "Can I Be More Frugal?"

So much for your tour. Make sure to cool down properly.


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