Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Accounting Blogger Activity--April to June, 2006

Just completed a review of the frequency of posts by posters which I have listed in the accounting links area for the second quarter of 2006. Most frequent poster is Tracy Coenen of Fraud Files with (by my probably imperfect count) 92 topical posts during the quarter (I attempted to not count posts of a personal finance, personal or off-topic nature). Close behind was Jack Ciesielski of Accounting Observer with 86 posts and Michelle Leder of Found in the Footnotes takes the "bronze medal" with 65 posts. Honorable mention goes to Rick Telberg of BSG CPA Trendlines and Janell Griener of Benefits Blog, each had over 30 posts. By comparison, I had about 55 accounting OR tax-related posts during the period.

Several things should be noted: [1] tax and personal finance bloggers were not included in this review--there probably will be a post of tax blogging activity in the future, [2] the numbers above indicate only the frequency of posts, not necessarily the level of depth or skill (although in practice all five bloggers listed do a very good job), [3] different readers may differ in their counts of posts primarily based on differing definitions of what constitutes a topical vs. personal or off-topic post.


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