Friday, October 28, 2005

Call Out for Accounting Bloggers

Back in my Master's degree days at Purdue 25 years ago, the common way for campus organizations to bring in new students was to have a "call-out" at the start of the semester. It seems appropriate to "call forth" new bloggers (take special note, graduate students in Accounting) to augment coverage in Accounting.

As those who read this blog know, I basically post in three areas: accounting, personal finance and taxation. There is plenty of room for new bloggers in all three areas; at the same time, there is a sizable number of good bloggers in personal finance (Consumerism Commentary, Financial Rounds, Free Money Finance and Frugal for Life to name just four) and likewise the tax law professorate (such as Paul Caron (Tax Prof), James Maule (Mauled Again) and Daniel Sharivo (Start Making Sense)) and tax practitioners (to name a few: Russ Fox (Taxable Talk), Kerry Kerstetter (Tax Guru) , Joe Kristan (Roth CPA Updates) and Eva Rosenberg (Tax Mama)) handle tax issues quite capably. In areas of tax other than accounting, only review of financials for corporate governance analysis (Jack Cieslelski of AAO and Michelle Leder of Footnoted) is throughly covered by blogs. There are a few other regular bloggers: Janell Grenier of Benefits Blog, Will Keller of Vanilla Accounting (entrepeneurial perspective on management accounting) and Brian Tankersley of CPA Technology Review--beyond that, few if any consistent bloggers. The entire field of Governmental Accounting is all but ignored and the substantial span of management accounting is only addressed by Mr. Keller (and occasionally me). There is tremendous opportunity for a young practitioner for a private company or a doctoral student emphasizing managerial or governmental accounting (and a sizable opportunity in financial accounting and auditing as well) to make a name for himself or herself and to make a contribution to the profession.

P. S.--My apologies for any misspellings; I will correct at an early opportunity.


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