Tuesday, October 25, 2005

AICPA Going South this Winter (or Spring or Summer)?

The AICPA Council is soon to hear a proposed move to the South with the Durham, NC area most likely but Greensboro--Winston-Salem, NC, the Hampton Roads area, VA and Jacksonville, FL also possibilities. Barry
Melancon, AICPA CEO, said that the move would be designed to minimize disruption of activities and revenue, provide a return on investment within five years (present estimates show a first year cost of $49 million but a five year positive NPV of $100 million) and an attractive location for employees to relocate. Speed of the move is somewhat important; for leasing reasons of the present Jersey City, NJ office space, it would be desirable for the move to occur no later than August 2007. Other factors considered included: earnings of accountants and database workers in the area, a minimum number of CPAs and a population between 0.4-1.6 million people.


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