Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Best of blogs--End of July/Start of August

Not the best of periods for the blogosphere (save the Carnivals)--but in fairness, I've also had better weeks blogging.

Footnoted: Hewlett-Packard gets kudos for scaling back top executive severance bonuses. [29]

Real Life Accounting: Announces new Heart of Accounting (see what I mean above). [30]

Free Money Finance: Back-to-back winners on using rental insurance and saving on healthcare costs. Maybe the best bet of the period. [2]

PF Blog: Coordinator took a personal trip to the Northeast and returned with praise for, Homewood Suites and NYC cabs. [2]

Death and Taxes: Foresees probate war over Rupert Murdoch's estate. [1]

Mauled Again: James Maule takes over from Roth CPA in shredding last week's energy bill. [1]

Roth CPA: "Who could object to a State Tax Holiday?" The Tax Foundation--and they may have a point. [1]

Tax Prof: Reviews a Tax Notes article on the Top 10 myths of a consumption tax. [31]


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