Saturday, July 30, 2005

Best of blogs--July 27-29

May be adding one or two personal finance blogs and possibly an accounting blog next week.

AAO: A GAO audit of the Securities and Exchange Commission found some flaws in the SECs internal control. [29]

Footnoted: Many juicy tidbits in a Computer Associates proxy, such as a director not up for re-election, a previous CEO foregoing almost a million options and car and driver perks for top executives. [28]

Finance Prof: Starts a series on financial history and trivia from the 1600s. [27]

Financial Rounds: IBM and Motley Fool produce guides to make financial statements easier to understand. [28]

Free Money Finance: Back-to-back posts on the cost of poor financial advice and of smoking. [28]

Roth CPA: Joe Kristan defines the term "fisking" with his smoldering critique of the energy bill (and of home state Senator Grassley (R-IA)). [27]

Tax Prof: 68 Taxpayer Assistance Center (I posted on this earlier in the month) were given a reprieve by IRS Commissioner Mark Everson. [29]

Taxable Talk: Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) contemplates a 25% excise tax on porn websites. [28]


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