Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Best of the Blogs: July 2-5

AAO finds Sears Holdings and Stewart Enterprises better late than never for expensing items previously capitalized, thus improving matching of revenues and expenses. (6)

Financial Rounds points to as a place where you can participate in futures trading on the projected Supreme Court nominee. (3)

Free Market Finance (hereafter FMF) argues that a family can save 20% or more by eschewing credit cards and going to a cash-only approach. (5)

Death and Taxes starts a multipart series on how to evaluate real estate for investment. (4, 5)

Roth CPA Updates asserts that some big CPA firms have gone paranoid on Treasury 230 regulations on tax opinions (5).

Tax and B-Law Commentary points out that the elimination of post offices is a logical consequence of the growth of e-mail (5).

Tax Prof says that the New York Times is endorsing an effort by some Senators to make Internet sales subject to sales tax if state governments improve their collection process. (5)

Taxable Talk provides a warning: if you are evading taxes; think twice before you get a divorce. (4)


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