Saturday, July 02, 2005

Best of the Blogs: June 25-July 1

The weekly Saturday feature. Two comments however--[1] special emphasis on the blogs newly linked; [2] with the increasing number of blogs linked, I probably will go to two summaries per week: Saturday and either Tuesday or Wednesday at least for a while.

AAO: Delphi starts to clean up past inventory and warranty accounting sins

CPA Tech: A review of Microsoft Streets and Trips as a GPS surrogate.

Death and Taxes: Using powers of attorney (for your realtor) at real estate closings.

Financial Rounds: Celebrates decimalization coming to option markets.

Free Money: Gives common-sense tactics to reduce cooling costs.

Mauled Again: Looks at whether a sole proprietorship may be treated as a C corporation for tax purposes.

Start Making Sense: Dan Shaviro's take on possible findings of the Tax Reform Commission.

Roth CPA Updates: An inmate at an South Carolina prison bilks the US Government out of $3.5 million.

Tax and B-Law Commentary: Stuart Levine fisks (criticizes) the American Family Business Institute.

Taxable Talk: Reminiscing about the days of the Big Eight accounting firms in view of KPMG's troubles.

Wills and Trusts: California Supreme Court upholds inheritance rights of domestic partners.


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