Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Best of blogs: July 17-20

Very summarized this time:

AAO: Continential Airlines corrects lease accounting errors. [20]

CPA Tech: Tips to improve understandability of internal control documentation. [20]

Finance Professor: Cites Shyam Sunder's latest paper, which whistfully states that present accounting relies too much on rules and not enough on accounting norms. [18]

Free Money Finance: Introduces the Star Money Article awards for good personal finance items in other blogs. [20]

Death and Taxes: Use care if you want to use arbritration in trust disputes. [19]

Mauled Again: A law student's unpleasant first experience with tax withholding. [18]

Tax Prof: The Tax Foundation opposes a Fat Tax. [17]

Wills, Trusts, etc. : Humorous ancedote on who you DON'T want as guardian. [17]


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