Monday, December 14, 2009

A Final Salute to Benefits Blog

The excellent Benefits Blog of Janell Grenier is being discontinued because of a serious cancer. While the start of the second paragraph of her final post indicates that Ms. Grenier has very good very long-term prospects, her short-term diagnosis is markedly more dire; she may not survive the present crisis. I would like to thank Ms. Grenier for covering the tax and accounting aspects of pensions, something I claim no expertise in whatsoever. Additionally, Benefits Blog had an excellent blogroll and was among the first blogs to link to Tick Marks. Certainly, Ms. Grenier is worthy of the thoughts and prayers of all those in the accounting, legal and tax blogosphere.

The suspension of Benefits blog does open an additional slot for the 2009 "Twelve Blogs of Christmas," which I intend to start later today.


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