Saturday, November 14, 2009

Twelve Blog Update: New Blogs Added

Couple of new developments towards the upcoming Twelve Blogs of Christmas season. First of all, note that all members of the "Twelve Blogs" (except personal finance) now are in bold with date of acceptance (e.g. 05: awarded Twelve Blog status in 2005) as an additional way to honor these blogs. The personal finance blogs will likely get similar status at some future time when my life is less intense. Additionally, several blogs, including pfblogs in Personal Finance and Tax Info Blog in Tax, have gone dormant and need to be replaced. Additionally, in the Accounting area, the Accounting Web Bloggers Crew has been moved to this category (leaving two personal finance blogs to be replaced) and Neil Mc Intyre's fine Canadian blog, reactivated this past spring, has been reinstituted as a "Twelve Blog." This means four additional Accounting blogs will be selected for "Twelve Blog" status next month. While there is no plans to name new personal finance blogs until 2010, two blogs had to be named to substitute for the Accounting Web blog shift and the dormancy of pfblogs. Chosen here were two worthy candidates which just missed last year: "Two Pennies Earned" and "Wisdom from Wenchypoo's Mental Basket." Note now that ALL personal finance blogs linked at right are Twelve Blog awardees. To replace "Tax Info Blog," "Tax Policy Blog," the libertarian-oriented blog by the Tax Foundation which almost was awarded Twelve Blog status last year, was an obvious choice as a substitute. Six additional tax blogs will be chosen in December.

Congratulations to the Accounting Web Bloggers Crew, Neil Mc Intyre, Tax Policy Blog, Two Pennies Earned and Wisdom from Wenchypoo's Mental Basket--and keep up the good posting.

P. S. Bruce, the Missouri taxguy, has moved from Blogspot to his own blogging website. The blogroll at right should have his new address/URL.


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