Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Day Trading Revisited

The stampede in over; the glamour gone; nevertheless, a sizable number of people continue as day traders in U. S. stock markets. Sobered by the stock market troubles earlier this decade, today's short-term investors are doing more research, using more hedging strategies and relying less on tips and trends. Options are more widely used today; more frequently to augment hedging than as a speculative investment on their own. With more thoughtful investing strategies come better results, Jarrett Lilien of e-Trade says that day traders have been holding their own against Wall Street in recent years. Lilien cautions those considering day trading to be patient, realize that they need some luck and leave emotions behind.

Ten years ago, day trading was every bit as risky as trying to make a living at playing poker professionally. Today, the more disciplined day traders can almost match the results of Greg Raymer and Daniel Negranu.


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